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Connecting Businesses Globally

In today's interconnected business world, we can conduct business from home and reach customers worldwide. However, facilitating fast and efficient payments has become a challenge. Fintechs offer flexible tech infrastructure for quicker account opening and payment execution, while banks provide a wider range of services and deposit protection. Yet, the increasing regulatory framework against money laundering, including KYC and KYCC procedures, affects business operations.

Opening a business bank account is no longer a straightforward process. Financial institutions now employ dynamic approaches, assessing risk profiles and conducting due diligence before granting access.


At Savvy, we have established collaborations with banks worldwide, familiar with their account opening procedures and requirements. Through our website, you gain access to this extensive network, saving valuable time on unsuccessful applications or non-operational accounts.


Our mission is to provide modern businesses with a reliable banking portal, connecting you to a growing number of financial institutions that best meet your banking needs.

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